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Baby Names Meaning: Flower

Baby Names Meaning | Baby Name Origin | Guide in Choosing Baby Name
Baby Names Meaning Quick Search:
Angel Arrow Autumn Beautiful Beauty Bless Brave Butterfly Charm Chief
Child Courage Defender Eagle Fair Flower Fortunate Fortune Friend Fruit
Generous Gentle Gift Girl Good Gracious Great Handsome Happy Hero
Honor Joy Kind Light Lion Love Lucky Noble Peace Polite
Pleasant Pretty Prince Princess Prosperous Rich Spring Star Strength Strong
Success Summer Sweet Trustworthy Warrior Wealth Woman Warrior Wisdom Wise
Total Record : 121
No. Baby Name Baby Gender Baby Name Origin Baby Names Meaning
1 . Akina Male/Female Japanese
Spring flower
2 . Amarante Female French
Flower name
3 . Amaryllis Female Greek
Species of flower
4 . Anemone Female Greek
Wind flower
5 . Anthea Female Greek
Lady of flowers
6 . Astera Male/Female Hebrew
Flower name
7 . Bakula Male/Female Unknown
8 . Blossom Female English
9 . Bluma Female German
A flower, bloom
10 . Caltha Female Latin
Yellow flower
11 . Camelai Female Latin
Flower name
12 . Cleantha Female Greek
In praise of flowers
13 . Cliantha Female Greek
Flower of glory
14 . Dahlia Female Scandinavian
Flower named for botanist A Dahl
15 . Daisy Female English
Day's eye, flower name
16 . Delbin Male/Female Greek
Dolphin, flower name
17 . Dianthe Female Greek
Divine flower
18 . Eranthe Female Greek
spring flower
19 . Erianthe Male/Female Greek
sweet as many flowers
20 . Evanthe Female Greek
21 . Fflur Female Welsh
flower (legendary heroine)
22 . Fiorenza Female Italian
23 . Floria Female Latin
24 . Hadassa Female Hebrew
flowering myrtle
25 . Hadassah Female Hebrew
flowering myrtle
26 . Hana Female Japanese
flower, blossom
27 . Hyacinth Female Greek
hyacinth flower
28 . Ianthe Female Greek
violet-colored flower
29 . Iona Female Greek
flower name
30 . Jasmine Female Persian
A fragrant flower
31 . Kalanit Male/Female Hebrew
flower name
32 . Kamilia Female Slavic
sweet flower
33 . Kohana Female Japanese
little flower
34 . Lan Male/Female Vietnamese
flower name
35 . Linnea Female Scandinavian
lime tree, national flower of Sweden
36 . Lore Male/Female Basque
37 . Lotus Female Greek
dreamlike, lotus flower
38 . Magnolia Female French
From the flower
39 . Mansi Male/Female American Indian
plucked flower
40 . Marigold Female English
From the flower
41 . Melantha Female Greek
dark flower
42 . Miki Female Japanese
Flower Stalk
43 . Palesa Male/Female African
44 . Peony Female Greek
flower name
45 . Petunia Female French
of the petunia flower
46 . Poppy Female Latin
From the Flower
47 . Posy Female Unknown
Small Flower
48 . Rhodanthe Female Greek
Flower of the rose bush
49 . Talasi Male/Female American Indian
Corn-tassel flower
50 . Tiara Female Latin
Flower name
51 . Vi Female Unknown
Form of VIOLET violet flower
52 . Viola Female Latin
Form of VIOLET - violet flower
53 . Violet Female Latin
Violet flower
54 . Yolanda Female Latin
Violet flower
55 . Zahara Female Swahili
56 . Zinia Female English
Brilliant flower
57 . Zinnia Female Latin
From the Flower
58 . Mawar Female Malay
Flower - Roses
59 . Gulshan Male Muslim
A flower Garden
60 . Raihan Male Muslim
A kind of Flower in Heaven
61 . Rowel Male Muslim
62 . Ward Male Muslim
Blossoms, flowers
63 . Zahir Male Muslim
Bright, shining, flowery
64 . Zuhair, Zuhayr Male Muslim
Bright, having flowers
65 . Aini Female Muslim
Spring, flower, source, choice
66 . Areej Female Muslim
The fragrance of a flower from an orange tree
67 . Azhar, Azhaar Female Muslim
Flowers, blossoms
68 . Eshal Female Muslim
The name of flower in the heaven
69 . Iraj Female Muslim
70 . Jahanara Female Muslim
To flower, to live
71 . Jasmin Female Muslim
72 . Jasmina Female Muslim
73 . Jehan Female Muslim
Beautiful Flower
74 . Jessenia Female Muslim
75 . Kanval Female Muslim
76 . Nadyne Female Muslim
77 . Narmin Female Muslim
A flower, delicate, soft, slender
78 . Nashmia Female Muslim
Garden of flowers
79 . Nawar Female Muslim
Flower; one who dislikes bad deeds
80 . Nawrah Female Muslim
Blossom, flower, happiness
81 . Nisreen Female Muslim
82 . Nuwwar Female Muslim
Blossoms, flowers
83 . Nuwwarrah Female Muslim
Blossom, flower
84 . Reyhana Female Muslim
Sweet smelling flower of paradise
85 . Rimsha Female Muslim
Bunch of flowers
86 . Ruhee Female Muslim
Soul, a flower, who touches the heart
87 . Rumaisa Female Muslim
Bunch of flowers
88 . Saadiya Female Muslim
89 . Saaleha Female Muslim
90 . Sabina Female Muslim
91 . Sairish Female Muslim
Magic, flower
92 . Shahla Female Muslim
Dark flower, Dark grey eyes
93 . Shehla Female Muslim
Kind of a flower
94 . Shillan Female Muslim
A flower
95 . Somaya Female Muslim
Beautiful garden surrounded with roses and flowers
96 . Ubah Female Muslim
97 . Yasmeenah Female Muslim
Sweet-smelling flower. Among er work is a commentry on Surah al-Baqarah, she is mentioned by Salahuddin al-Safdi in his book as one of the distinguish
98 . Yasmin Female Muslim
Jasmine flower
99 . Yasmina Female Muslim
A beautiful flower that shines
100 . Yasmine Female Muslim
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